Going Green!

The United States need to step it up when it comes to the cause towards sustainablility. Seeing all these other countries making leaps towards sustainable ideas and efforts. Why can’t the United States make an effort toward sustainablility? It disappoints me that my country is not making enough of an effort to turn towards more sustainable practice. Although we didn’t win the prize, it makes me even more driven to think of more sustainable projects along with the current one. Everyone won in my eyes. Meeting each other and having the one goal to make sustainable strides because as far as we all know we only have one planet to live on. This city is really a work of art. Hopefully I can keep in contact with all the other High School school programs/students, as well as the companies that I really hope will help us out with this project. I thank and love all our supporters.  This project will become sucssessful, I know it.

-Noel Cruz
10th grade student
Bronx Design & Construction Academy

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