It was a long shot…

…but in the end the team from Mexico deserved it. We’re happy for them!

We’re still winners though!

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5 Responses to It was a long shot…

  1. Patricia Corman-Jordan says:

    ~~ so glad you got this global opportunity with your students~~ enjoy the rest of your visit!

  2. Rob360 says:

    Sorry to see this guys… However, I’m sure it was an awesome experience for you all anyway!
    we would love to work with you on launching a crowdfunded PV array, like we’re doing now at MS88 in Brooklyn.

  3. frances turner says:

    We are proud of you all. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Send more pictures.

  4. John says:

    Excellent work guys! Proud of you all. Forward on.

  5. Mr. & Mrs. Cruz says:

    You guys represented the U.S. but moreover you guys put The Bronx, NY on the map, so in my book you guys already won just by the invitation and the experience alone!

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