Elton’s reflections…

Abu Dhabi was a great experience especially since we were able to travel within and around the city and see things we would have never been able to see. The history of Abu Dhabi is a long and complex one. We only saw the tip of a wonderful iceberg. The city itself started out as a fishing and pearling village only fifty years ago, under siege for the control of about by about three different countries.

The one thing that I really noticed/learned is that the world as a whole is smaller than we like to think , our society/culture is not as different as one might suspect . For instance, walking through parts of the street in downtown Abu Dhabi reminded me of Manhattan streets (construction also). One example of the difference is the soon to be magnificent city of Masdar (meaning the source) a completely Eco -friendly city. The world is a magnificent place we started to explore.

We came here to compete in the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Although we didn’t win it we “won” in other ways, and we were the last of two schools from the entire Americas region. The phrase we uttered during the trip “it’s a dog fish” lingers in the back of my head when I think about the trip. Then the phrase “maybe next time ” comes to mind, but like I said earlier no one really lost. So in the words of Noel “we didn’t lose, we just didn’t win the medal.”

Elton Hollingsworth
10th grade student
Bronx Design & Construction Academy

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