ASES Reflections

Going to the American Solar Energy Society was a blast. We learned all about new forms of renewable energy. And we also learned different ways of making energy, such as new ways of making thermal energy. We learned a lot, and we also presented, which was very good. We were very nervous, but we got through it. And we were apparently good, even though we messed up a few times. We went to Marc Perez’s Dads’ part, Though we were exhausted, we were astounded on the debate after his part between 2 or so people. They were talking about selling leftover energy that is not being used for a higher amount. In all, the experience was amazing, we learned a lot, and met new people. It was a great experience.
– Michael Pagan

This trip was very inspirational. We learned a lot about renewable energy. The best part was when we answered questions for the audience. I learned about sketchup which is a program that you can use to make 3d designs.
– Verick White

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