E2RC Proposal, Student Intro

The proposed E2RC (Environment & Energy Research Center) is important for Bronx Design and Construction Academy because it will teach students, teachers and community members about urban energy production and sustainable living methods. A key feature of the E2RC will be its self sustenance, it will have a wind turbine and a small scale solar array which will be used to run most if not all systems in the E2RC. The E2RC will do far more than educating students; it will present an opportunity for environmental and energy research outside of a traditional classroom. The project space will present a more collegiate based environment to incite organic learning in students as well as others such as school staff, teachers, parents and assorted visitors. The project will also create better opportunities for integrated projects that the school has attempted or “drafted” but never came to fruition. Some examples of these opportunities are the wind turbine and small scale solar array which will not only power the center but they will be used in our schools electrical classes along with the solar thermal stand that will be placed in the E2RC. Also this presents a research opportunity for our partner schools in the area and GSA schools around the country and around the world; this in turn affects more than just our school it affects a larger scheme of things. This renewable energy “package” once observed in different environments and in different forms could be implemented on a larger scale such as residential, commercial, political buildings.

This E2RC will stimulate student interest in sustainability in, both in and outside of school. A “free” study zone will be a “side-effect” of the project this will promote organic learning which is key to understanding sustainability; you cannot merely be taught to be sustainable you have to create your own meaning (make it your own). Students will have so many options available to self teach and with the assistance of teachers and other students, students will be able to participate, learn, network, and teach. This cycle of learning, participating, networking, and teaching creates a cycle of knowledge which will improve and naturally customize itself for each student. All of this will essentially make a self-sustaining social system for organic “clean” energy learning in students.

-Elton Hollingsworth
11th grade student, E2RC founder
Bronx Design and Construction Academy

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