SC3 Reflections

The trip to National Conservation Training Center was very inspirational. We had a lot of people such as radio host Pete Dominic come to us and talk about many environmental problems caused by humans such as global warming caused by CO2 emissions. Also we all gave group presentations about different topics. For example, I presented on the topic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Compost. We made a website designed to inform the public about the use of paper and plastic bags. Our goal was to encourage consumers to start using reusable bags and cut out the use of paper and plastic bags. This is important because using reusable bags helps the environment by reducing the amount of trash made from paper and plastic bags. Other groups gave presentations about the community, food, and gardening and also found ways to turn those topics into environmentally friendly suggestions like making sure you eat vegetables that are not injected or sprayed with harmful pesticides. All in all, I learned an abundant amount of information, especially about different ideas to bring back to BXDCA that will help make our school greener. For example, with the insight I gained from this experience has motiaved me to start a recycling group in my school and make people aware of the importance of recycling. In addition I made a conscious choice to become a vegetarian after learning about all the hormones injected into the animals. The trip to NCTC was very fun and educational and I hope to go again!

-Verick White
10th grade student, E2RC member
Bronx Design and Construction Academy

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