January Green Roof!

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2 Responses to January Green Roof!

  1. Shane Scott says:

    It’s white! What are the insulating benefits of snow? How do they compare to the insulation provided by soil & plants?

    • Mr. Wight says:

      Good question! The environmental benefits of green roofs are more pronounced in the summer (for cooling purposes) than in the winter (for heating purposes). Cooling energy loads (kW) are greater than the heating energy loads (BTU). However, snow IS an excellent insulator – although not as good as soil.

      New snow is composed of a high percentage of air trapped among the accumulated snow crystals. Since the air can barely move, heat transfer is greatly reduced. Fresh, uncompacted snow typically is 90 to 95 percent trapped air. Many animals take advantage of snow’s insulating qualities, and burrow into the snow to hibernate through the winter. -http://nsidc.org/cryosphere/snow/science/characteristics.html

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