BDCA E2RC Design Competition!

Last year BDCA students won a prestigious international prize for their Energy Environment Research Center (E2RC) design. This year, 11th and 12th grade architectural students refine the design using AutoCAD. Congratulations to Justine, Joande, and Noel! These winning designs will be showcased at the World Future Energy Summit during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week this January, and will also be used to guide our construction in the spring.

Designs were evaluated on the below categories:

  • Renewable Energy (25 pts)
  • Greenhouse (25 pts)
  • Landscape Design (25 pts)
  • Sustainability (25 pts)

Total scores were weighed as such:

  • 60% industry professionals/partners
  • 20% BDCA staff
  • 20% student presentations

Project Timeline:

Note: the wind turbine created in these drawings will actually be a vertical axis wind turbine (like this one in Long Island City), not horizontal as depicted in these drawings. Vertical axis turbines are powered by wind coming from all 360 degrees. Because of this versatility, vertical axis wind turbines are ideal for installations where wind conditions are not consistent, such as in urban settings.

Zayed Future Energy Environment Research Center:

  • Provide a model educational center where both students and community members can study sustainable design and renewable energy systems.
  • Provide a showcase of cutting-edge renewable energy systems that will be visible and available at street-level for students, professionals, academics, engineers, and visitors to learn from.
  • Provide an outside supplemental classroom for CTE and content-based classes.
  • Provide an off grid emergency power facility that can be used by the community during power outages and times of need.
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